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Principal’s Welcomeshare


Join us on a journey of new beginnings and endless possibilities, where the rigid schooling models of the past are giving way to an exploration of 21st century learning and livingEvery child who joins us at Mounts Bay will gain access to a unique world of opportunity and experience.

We are a learning community that aspires to success for all without exception. By joining us you will help shape a better future for young people, the community and the world at large.

Talent is celebrated, curiosity is nurtured and every individual is given the chance to shine. We help to develop young people with a positive attitude to learning and life, ready to take on the challenges of our fast-changing world and to make a creative contribution to their community. I believe that all young people are Grade A students; it is our job to nurture the very best in each person by removing barriers to learning and identifying every child’s strengths and talents.


Les Hall

Mounts Bay Academy